What are Friends for?

He'd found a bed in the pavilion assigned him.  None of it was his, the bed or the pavilion which had lost its master and been found in the baggage and it would be his until he found another or had one made.  It bore nothing that might identify it as his save that it… Continue reading What are Friends for?

Fear and Loathing

The column rode out of the brown wooded hills and into the blinding lights of the failing day.  The suns setting colored the dust that choked him as the column picked up speed, sensing home.  The wearying trot became a bone jarring canter.  The horses hoped they would be watered and fed.  Allyster hoped he'd… Continue reading Fear and Loathing

Looking Forward, Looking Back, Something New in the New Year

I also think the formalizing and organizing effects of writing down an idea would help to intentionalize* it. I'm always thinking of good ideas and promptly forgetting to do them, only to remember later and wish I had. I need to think, Do write it, DO achieve the written goal or devise intermediate goals to record and then achieve in pursuit of the original intentionalized idea.

I Review Myself – An Author’s Introspection

Apologies To begin with and before the review, I have to confess to feeling that "An Author's Introspection" is a bit grand.  I wrote local sports, a couple articles for a small magazine where I did desktop publishing, and this ficblog.  The Author, L. Stephen O'Neill, (perhaps you've heard of him.  Perhaps YOU have, but… Continue reading I Review Myself – An Author’s Introspection