The Author, L. Stephen O’Neill

L Stephen O'Neill
L. Stephen O’Neill

L. Stephen O’Neill, is a guy who always intended to write novels, but never got around to it.  All that has changed now that he’s using his weBLOG format to begin to write stories and even work on the first draft of a novel, The Abbott and the Djinn.  I always thought I could do it, let’s see if I can.

I have been swept away by fiction before and would like to be able to do that for someone else.  These stumbling first steps are a sort of writer’s notebook where I stretch my literary muscles and hopefully entertain you.

So, it would seem, that calling myself “the author” is a bit of a fiction to start.  Yet for me, personally, beginning something like this, something I always meant to do, is rejuvenating.  I feel younger for it. . .      . . . also a bit lame.

My mother tried to read “the Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien to me.  It invariably put her to sleep, or perhaps my insistence that she continue to read chapter after chapter taxed her.  Whatever the true reason, my mother slept and I read on.  After “the Hobbit” I read “the Lord of the Rings” and the “Silmarillion,” devoured them really.  But, at the Grey Havens, Middle Earth ends. . .

. . . which bring me to Tir na Nua and the Epic Fantasy that I hope to bring to you, a bit at a time here, but hopefully polished and fully one day.

First Steps

I intend to begin several topics of interest to me and hopefully you.  This will provide the afore mentioned content, at least initially.  In truth, I’ve already piled up quite a bit of this and that, dig into it all through the blog topics, OR take a look at what I’m doing with my Current Primary Storylines. These not only provide you with what I’m focusing on, but also put them in an order which allows you to follow the story from beginning to. . . uh. . . well. . . Hopefully I’ll finish something up at some point.

Here are some selected posts that might give you some insite to me:

Here are authors that I like.  I call it my jump page. When you find out that you can’t get their stuff for FREE, you might jump back.

  1. I wrote this on Finn McCool.  Finn is one of the biggest legends in Irish lore.
  2. If you haven’t run across a reference to Tir na Nua. . .     . . .Well I just don’t know.
  3. I need to do this: Something New Every Day.
  4. And FINALLY, a story.  The Red Hand of Courage.
  5. Here is a bit of a Novel about Hunter Wilde and the Ui Uilsen.

I pray I have not taxed your resources too much. Enjoy! Comment! Dispute! Encourage! Correct! Guide! Request!

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